Our Vision and Mission

By The Strength of the Holy Spirit, Love In Action Ministries, Inc. will always strive to:

EXALT  Christ as Savior and Lord – by the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, loving unconditionally and by walking in the Spirit – living an exemplary life reflective of Jesus Christ and a demonstration of the Spirit’s Power!  Lifting up the Name of Jesus over any and every situation, problem, concern and encounter; rendering the enemy defeated, and eternal life to all that believe in His Name.

ENCOURAGE people to “come to Christ” – to reach out to people of every nation, color, creed, culture and ethnicity with the Good News – that Jesus saves!  Demonstrating a spirit of compassion, care and concern for others and ministering to the “whole” person – offering hope and encouragement to everyone.

ENGAGE people in Christ – by promoting the Spirit of Unity; thereby “bonding” the hearts of God’s people together and making One Body of Christ; fulfilling the Christian mandate to “serve one another” and “carry one another’s burdens.”

EDIFY people in Christ – by building and fortifying relationships through mentoring, empowering (by the Holy Spirit) and fellowship; tearing down dogmas, doctrines and differences that negate the Word of God; fostering a positive Christ-centered environment which is conducive to spiritual, mental, physical, social, emotional, financial and academic growth.  Also, by making the Word of God the only foundation; building word by word, line by line and precept by precept.

ELEVATE people into the ministry for Christ – by making disciples of all “nations” by being witnesses for Christ, sharing and proclaiming the Good News; thereby presenting the value of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.  All members of the Body of Christ are ministers.  Each believer must become a disciple, a learner of Christ, and take up his cross daily and follow Him.  Each believer must in turn “be sent” into the world, as God sent His Son Jesus.