The Eagles nest is a small group study class of Love In Action Ministries.  In the class, the focus is on exalting Christ and Savior and Lord. As we search scriptures, we’re looking at Christ’s life verses man’s life.

The purpose of the Eagles Nest is to promote the Spirit of Unity, bonding the hearts of God’s people together and making one body of Christ.

Participants are encouraged and strengthened as they share their life experiences. They are engaged in role-playing, singing and studying the Word of God. These activities are up lifting as they foster a positive Christ center environment which encourages the class to be concerned and compassionate for one another as they wait on the Lord to renew their strength and hope in Him.

As the participants are elevated in the word and ministry, they will be sent out as disciples to share this glorious gospel in their homes, communities and with their family members.

We meet every first Saturday @ 1:00 PM

Group leader: Gloria McKinley